Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oaxaca, Mexico: So, who needs sleep?

The bomb and rocket explosions are almost constant as Sección 22 (the teachers who don't teach) and APPO celebrate the one year anniversary of the failed attempt to oust them from their month-long occupation of the zócalo. Today's mega-march was accompanied by the usual vandalism as the following photos will show.

There are currently 21 hijacked city buses blocking Cinco Señores which APPO and Sección 22 had pledged to leave open. All remaining city buses were pulled off the streets by 6:00, leaving commuters who rely on the buses to make it home or to work on foot. There is also a trailer load of new VW autos hijacked and sitting at Cinco Señores.

The 8 barricades that APPO and Sección 22 had announced they would install were supposed to have been erected at 5;00 PM and removed at 9:30. It ain't happening. I don't know how many barricades are actually in place but it is in the dozens.

APPO and Sección 22 had pledged not to cause any more hardships on the citizens of Oaxaca than necessary for their purposes and the barricades were supposed to have been symbolic in nature. Uh-huh.

The zócalo and the Alameda (the smaller plaza in front of the Cathedral) are full of APPO and Sección 22 boosters and I don't know if they are intending to leave or stay. I'll hoof it over there tomorrow morning and see what's up.

It just started to rain, at least up here on the north side where my office is located. I hope that cools their ardor a bit, but who knows?

I would ask that you carefully examine the following photographs to see how many of the masked thugs you think are teachers and how many are just that -- thugs.

Punks and street thugs

APPOites, not teachers

How many of the masked greaseballs are teachers?

She looks like a teacher. Do you think she set that fire?

Cinco Señores -- blocked again.

I don't think these are teachers. Their sign says "APPO".

The sign on the right in the photo says,
"Ulises and Calderón. The nation's rats."
How did Felipe Calderón get dragged into this?

I would respectfully submit that these morons don't want Felipe Calderón dragged into this. If he comes he will bring it on with several thousand federal riot police and the army if need be.

This is in Mexico City on Paseo de la Reforma. The governor's casket.

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