Monday, June 04, 2007

Oaxaca, Mexico: 6 Central American illegals crushed by 100 in trailer

Six Central American illegal immigrants died after being crushed by 100 others in a trailer of bananas in the Isthmas of Tehuantepec. The human traffickers responsible for these people had installed a second floor throughout the length of the trailer. The women and children, about 100 of them, were put atop the false floor and the men, 100 of them also, placed underneath it. Crates of bananas were then packed into the tail end of the trailer to hide them.

The false floor collapsed on top of the men, crushing 6 of them to death. 10 others were injured sufficiently to require hospitalization. One of those injured had to be transferred to Oaxaca city in grave condition. Seven of the ten injured are from San Salvador and it is assumed that most of the dead are Salvadorans as well.

One of the survivors said that there originally had been 300 people packed into the trailer. Wilbert Ramos Pastrana of El Salvador said,
We left Chiapas last night with some 300 in the trailer. The women and children were on the top floor and the men were underneath it. Soon I heard a crunching sound from underneath the floor and I pased out. I just now woke up.

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