Monday, April 03, 2006

Cynthia McKinney thought cop wanted $1000

Capital Hill police want an arrest warrant for Rep. Cynthia McKinney (Moron-GA) for assaulting a police officer when he tried to stop her after she avoided a security checkpoint (which Congress members are allowed to do sometimes) and had no visible Congressional ID (which Congress members are required to wear at all times). Congressidiot McKinney either slapped him, punched him or hit him with her cell phone, take your pick.

I think McKinney feared the police officer had come to collect the $1000 in taxpayer money that she illegally spent to fly Isaac Hayes to Georgia to dedicate some new building or other. CENSURE!! IMPEACHMENT!!! The money was paid out of McKinney's office supply fund which has caused her office toadies to function not only under the pressure of working for a complete moron, but also with a paperclip shortage. McKinney says she will pay the money back out of, er, other public funds, I suppose.

She claims that the Capitol Hill police should be able to recognize her, in spite of her recent hair style disaster and middle-aged weight gain, whether she is wearing the required Congressional ID badge or not. Here are some photos of Congressidiot McKinney. You may decide for yourself.

Here is Congressidiot McKinney as she has appeared to Capital Hill Police for several years. She is wearing her popular genuine fake Royal Canadian Mounted Police coat with the Himalayan Snow Leopard trim collar and cuffs. There were 7000 snow leopards left in the wild before the sacrifice of one of the rare creatures for McKinney's coat, leaving 6,999 still breathing and still wearing their own coats.

And here is Congresswoman McChocolatecity grinning from ear to ear because you paid for this junket and she didn't and Isaac Hayes humming the refrain from his ever popular "Youse Gots the SHAFT" and wearing a much smaller and tighter smile which says, "When can I please get the f*** out of here?"

Here is Cynthia McImbecile as she appeared to the Capitol Hill policeman when she evaded the security checkpoint. Does she look like someone trying to make off with $1000 in taxpayer money?

And here is Congresswoman McBitchslap listening to Beane B. Bean, the popular jugular who performs for London's famed Piccadilly Circus, as he testifies during the Congressional conspiracy hearings about Bush and Blair steering Hurricane Katrina directly at the heart of 100% black New Orleans where no white folks had lived since Jean Lafitte sailed away in disgust in April, 1814.

Here is Congresswoman McBarrioblaster, during Mr. Bean's testimony, holding in her left hand a copy of Mao's Little Red Book and in her right hand a grenade. Who knows what the hell that was about? In any case, she yanked the grenade pin and hurled the grenade at Mr. Bean when he began to testify about the Bush and Blair conspiracy to assassinate Mr. and Mrs. Borden with 81 combined ax whacks and then pin the sordid affair on Elizabeth (Borden, not Queen II).

Seconds later, the unfortunate Mr. Bean takes immediate, albeit unsuccessful evasive action to avoid the incoming live grenade.

And, finally, here is Congresswoman McSillyjackass, after the removal of Mr. Bean's shattered remains, holding up a water cup of the type in which she claimed the CIA introduced clean drinking water containing no gin whatsoever to poor, unfortunate ghetto blacks. She holds in her other hand a sponge of the type in which she claimed that the CIA introduced Irish Spring bath soap to those same downtrodden black American ghettos.


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