Tuesday, April 04, 2006

He skates . . . He shoots . . . He scores!!!!

Scientists say that Jesus H. Christ, better known, perhaps, as simply "Jesus" or "The Christ", was the world's first ice hockey player. His bitter rivals from the Sanhedrin Sandalsoles derisively referred to him as "The Nattering Nabob from Nazareth" while his billions of followers yet today still worship him as the "Jerusalem Jet".

The Jerusalem Jet directs first Zamboni

Note to Jihadists, Islamists and Islamofascists everywhere: Notice how I can do this without fear that that Benedict feller will send his minions to saw off my head, rape and then stone my daughters, blow up my neighborhood and burn down my city? I am a little nervous about the Bible belt Baptist's reaction, but, hey, even they can take a joke . . . most of the time.

Gina Cobb predicts more Jesus scientific studies
The Curt Jester finds it all so reasonable.
Brutally Honest calls us hockey fans for what we are - neanderthals
John Martin says no, He was surfing!
David Price agrees that He was surfing.

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