Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sharia law written to legitimize murderers

Salim Mansur, my favorite Muslim commentator, levels an astonishing charge against his own religion. Writing in the Toronto Sun, Salim says this;
The Koran as the message of freedom -- for instance, "there is no compulsion in religion" -- was twisted into an ideology of power by some of Mohammed's successors as rulers of an expanding realm.

Then blood was shed. The earliest victims of usurpers in Arab-Muslim history were members of Mohammed's family.

Tyranny became the norm and the first among Muslim intellectuals -- religious scholars or the ulema -- devised the legal system, sharia, to legitimize and regulate the authority of those who murdered their way to power.
Read that part again, "...the ulema (Muslim religious scholars) devised the legal system, Sharia, to legitimize and regulate the authority of those who murdered their way to power." I have neither heard nor read, before, any other Muslim, or Christian or Jew, for that matter, make such an incendiary claim.

Salim is a Muslim and I am not, so it does not behoove me to argue either for or against his charge. Salim says that this bastardization (my term - not his) of Muhammed's teachings and the Koran's true meaning has left Muslims imprisoned
in a pre-modern psychology, which views freedom suspiciously as indulgence in corrupt practices, or worse, apostasy.
The passage to freedom is through a valley of tears, and Muslims cannot set forth in sufficient numbers without first admitting their complicity in the making of their own captivity.
I am convinced that Salim Mansur has a death wish. Much more writing like this and he'll either have to flee Canada for the safer confines of the USA or retreat into hiding a la Rushdie. Right or wrong, the man is no coward.

Viewing Sharia Law as written to legitimize and regulate the authority of murderers and assassins is a different way of looking at all things Muslim. What a nightmare this must be for Salim and all other Muslims capable of independent thought. Their history has locked them into a war against the West which will ultimately become a death spiral for them. So many hundreds and hundreds of millions of Muslims are ignorant, dirt poor, isolated and controlled by likewise ignorant "religious scholars" who direct them to commit almost unmentionable atrocities - against themselves. I am quite sure that if someone took the time to research the numbers of Christians and Jews and followers of other religions who have been and continue to be assaulted, raped, murdered, assassinated or executed by Muslims and compared that number to the number of Muslims likewise assaulted, raped, murdered, assassinated or executed by fellow Muslims, the results would be shocking. I would venture to say that Muslims have and continue to assault, rape, murder, assassinate or execute each other in easily a 1000-1 ratio over all others.

Take Iraq, for instance. Conservative estimates are that 30,000 or so Iraqis have died and less that 3000 of everyone else has died since Hussein was dusted. That's 10-1 right there. And prior to our invasion, Hussein and his insane progeny, Uday and Qusay, are estimated to have murdered some 300,000 to 1,000,000 of their own people, almost all of whom were Muslim. That's a ratio approaching something like 500,000-1. The Iraq - Iran war killed 1,000,000 Iraqis and another 1,000,000 Iranians - all Muslim. You stack those kinds of numbers up against 3000 in the WTC attacks, a few hundred Marines, soldiers and sailors murdered over the years, a few hundred tourists in Bali and Luxor blown to bits or machine-gunned out of existence, a few Jewish schoolgirls murdered in Israeli pizza parlors and a handful of Israeli mothers and babies shot dead in their cars or kitchens and the ratio becomes, like, 2,000,000-1. If this keeps up for much longer, the various "religious scholars" and the various sheikhs, kings, mullahs and ayatollahs representing Islam, the religion of peace, will solve the Muslim problem for us. They'll all kill each other off and the thinking man's Muslims - like Salim Mansur - can get the religion back on the decent track that I am sure Muhammed would have envisioned.

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