Thursday, April 06, 2006

A reader objects

A reader named Sacha has objected to my post, Cynthia McKinney thought cop wanted $1000. Sacha says,
"Mark, This was the most bad taste I have ever seen from you and demeans every thing you have done on this blog so far. I recommend you delete this post and put up a small apology."
Sacha | 04.06.06 - 11:22 am
I responded in a comment but apparently there is a size limit to Haloscan comments and I was cut off at the pass, so to speak. I'll put my response to Sacha here.

Bad taste? I'll tell you what is "bad taste".

Bad taste is when I am accused of being a racist every time I criticize or disagree with anyone who is not a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant or Catholic.

Bad taste is when I am accused of being a racist when I criticize people who live in the stone-age, who saw off other people's heads on video while chanting Allahu akbar, rape children and then condemn them to death for having sex outside of marriage, dump their wives and children by repeating three times in succession, "I divorce you", don't allow a woman to hold her own passport, don't allow a woman to drive a car, publicly beat a woman whose ankles are visible below her skirt, dress, burqa or whatever, set massive bombs to explode in the street where children are lined up to receive candy and then set off secondary explosives to kill and maim as many of the blown-to-bits children's rescuers as possible.

Bad taste is when I am accused of being a racist when I object to people who come to the USA from countries with disfunctional governments and which have ALWAYS had disfunctional governments DEMANDING that the American taxpayer subsidize said disfunctional governments.

Bad taste is when liberal opponents of our government's policies celebrate every setback in Iraq and Afghanistan - setbacks which cost the lifeblood of American men and women.

Bad taste is when I am accused of being a racist when I object to hundreds of thousands of people marching in the streets waving flags of a foreign nation with a disfunctional government from which they have fled and which has been non-functional for the entire 185 years of its useless and miserable existence and will continue to be non-functional well into the foreseeable future -- at least another 185 years.

Bad taste is when I am accused of being a racist because I state the obvious - that too many lazy good-for-nothing black Americans-by-birth sit on their asses and expect the American taxpayer to support them and their illegitimate children because "we owe" it to them due to slavery - which ended in 1864 - some 142 years ago and almost 100 years prior to my birth, if my math is correct. My great-great-great and great-great grandfathers were hard scrabble dirt farmers in Kentucky who never owned any slaves and my great-great-great-great grandfather came over by boat from Scotland - legally. I don't owe anyone a God-damned penny or even a hint of remorse for slavery and I don't owe even one citizen -- white or black -- or any gambling casino in New Orleans a God-damned penny, either.

Bad taste is when I am called a racist because I object to my taxes and taxes of millions of other Americans being flushed down that sewer called the United Nations so that it is provided with necessary funding to support tens of thousands of people in comfort in New York City who would still be riding camels or carrying spears if not for our largesse - and stupidity.

Bad taste is when I am accused of being a racist when I dare to state the fact that those same people, living on our money and in our cities and quivering with the constant fear that a coup or revolution back in their home garbage pits will result in death sentences being handed out to them if they ever return, use their time and our money to attack us, call us imperialists, call us war-mongers, call us torturers, call us Nazis, call us murderers and then accuse us of either being behind every problem that arises anywhere in their God forsaken shitholes or of actively participating in every self-induced larcenous or genocidal pogrom which their own governments perpetrate against their own people - and then blame it all on us.

Bad taste is when a bunch of Hollywood hypocrites and Hollywood wannabees in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland (ME or OR - take your pick), Boston and New York City jump in to support the accusations and condemnations.

Bad taste is when I am accused of being a racist because I demand bloodshed in retaliation for 3000 innocent lives being snuffed out by a band of cowardly murderers who are led by people who have publicly announced that they want us all dead, dead, dead. The fact that they have brown or black skin is immaterial to me. If the Australians had done it to us, I'd want to see rivers of their blood running in the streets of Adelaide and all of those white sons-of-bitches killed.

Bad taste is when I am accused of being a racist because I am willing to go tit-for-tat with Jackson, McKinney, Sharpton and any others who call me a racist, a Nazi, a Jew-lover, a cracker, Whitey, The Man, Honkey and whatever.

Bad taste is when I am called a racist piece of shit by someone without the guts to leave a name or the imagination to leave even a fake name and who can't bring him/herself to use the search tool so thoughtfully provided by to look for Ken Blackwell, Michael Steele, Lynn Swann, Bill Cosby, Salim Mansur and a whole host of other "darkies" who have never been mentioned in any but the most favorable terms in this blog.

And, finally, bad taste is when someone has internet access with a 500 Kbps or better DSL connection and a blog sits back and either ignores the constant torrent of insults and abuse or, when responding, carefully couches said response in gentle, diplomatic terms so as not to unduly rile or upset those hurling the daily filth against our people, our country, our God, my friends and this blogger. I'm tired of it and I'm not going to take it anymore. I also split infinitives at will.

Now I've missed the single biggest and most world famous event attended here in Oaxaca by visitors from all over the world -- the Procession of the 14 Stations of the Cross. I had to send wife and kiddies along without me to buy their Easter lilies and attend the procession so I could sit here and share my thoughts with you, dear Sacha. It has been worth it.

PS: Who apologizes to me?


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