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Michelle Malkin uncovers some faces

Posted by Dr. Raoul at Free Republic.

Administrative Message
April 13, 2006

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Denice D. Denton, Chancellor, and David S. Kliger, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Re: Protest on April 11
On April 11, at the UC Santa Cruz Career Fair, a small group of individuals violated the principles they claimed to embrace - those of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. In using threatening and aggressive tactics to prevent interested students from contacting military recruiters, these protesters infringed on the rights of others and acted with intimidation, intolerance and disrespect. Many did so with their faces covered, unwilling to take public responsibility for their actions.

The university, like any public body, has established guidelines that protect rights of freedom of speech, expression and assembly. Moreover, this campus provides in its Principles of Community a clear statement of standards for behavior that it expects of all its members, including the expectation that reasoned discourse includes a free exchange of ideas with mutual respect and consideration of differences.

Despite repeated efforts to engage with the Students Against War group, to discuss the time, place, and manner in which their protest could occur safely, the group declined to communicate further. A letter to them on March 27 reiterated the desire to collaborate, but there was no response from the group.

We are extremely concerned by the behaviors of the approximately 75 protesters, whose actions are not consistent with the values of our campus community, including 15,000 students. We apologize on behalf of the campus to those whose rights were violated, and we will take appropriate disciplinary action against students who are found to have been in violation of campus policies.

In contrast to the disrespectful and sometimes dangerous behavior of the protesters, true character was demonstrated by the nearly 800 students who attended the career fair for its intended purpose and by the many faculty and staff who encountered the protesters with composure and self-control.

Our primary concern at the Career Fair was ensuring the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. We also held the goal of protecting the rights of our students to have access to the 90 employers attending the event, including the military recruiters.

Although the situation was extremely volatile, staff, faculty, and military recruiters used admirable restraint to prevent a serious situation from escalating to a point where public safety would have been further jeopardized.

We thank all those students, staff and faculty who made the best of a difficult situation, and we appreciate the vast majority of our campus community who demonstrate the ideals of our democracy by respecting the rights of all individuals.
"Many did so with their faces covered, unwilling to take public responsibility for their actions." It sounds to me like Michelle Malkin is just removing the masks. Now, a very breathless and excitable fellow named Ezra Klein calls Ms. Malkin a slug and says, while no doubt wetting his pants in a self induced state of trepidity, "A skilled and experienced rhetorical warrior, she saw the pale, white flesh of their throats and lunged." Jeezus! Remind me not to ever piss off that girl. My throat is covered by pale, white flesh, last time I checked, rhetorically. But that does beg the question; How, exactly, if most of the rioters had their faces covered, does Easy Ezra know that the throats were of pale, white flesh? Aha! Another racist.

Emotive Ezra claims that the students were merely, ". . . young, idealistic kids determined to save the world, feeling their way through uncertain thickets of ideology and unfamiliar collections of ideas, and naive about the dangers of direct political action outside a university's protected confines." Uh-huh. Feeling their way through the uncertain thickets with masked faces while creating a riot which the school's Chancellor, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor call, "disrespectful and sometimes dangerous behavior". And they were, of course, merely young, idealistic kids who the university had tried several times to contact and who had rebuffed the university by not bothering to respond. To Edgy Ezra, "young and idealistic" must mean "not playing by anyone's rules other than those made up on the go to suit oneself and/or one's immediate goals". OK, kind of like the Sturmabteilung (Brownshirts) or the Mafia. And, to Ezra, anyway, the "unfamiliar collections of ideas" must be those of free speech, free and open debate, lawful assembly and the pursuit of happiness - at least anyone's other than his own.

Effete Ezra's link to the supposed "scary stuff" death threats is hilarious.
You will pay for your seditious activities. It is only a matter of time...We are retired military snipers & we are watching you...
Anybody take that seriously? You have got to be kidding me. It sounds just like something that Sheriff Little Bill Daggett would say. That is the only "death threat" that they were able to post. The rest are more like this:
My sincere hope is that a couple hundred of the local patriots take a day off work for your next anarchist event, and come down to your little shithole with some axe handles and bust your f***ing heads. (And adds that the feds should stop sending money to support the university.)


We're coming to get you and when we do we'll hurt you..REAL BAD!


. . . you're lucky one of those recruiters didn't put his foot up your silly little ass.
Well, I've had a foot put up my silly little ass a few more times than I would care to relate and I can assure you that I never felt in fear of my life. And I might add that, "hurt you..REAL BAD!" doesn't mean "kill you", it means, er, hurt you..REAL BAD!. What a bunch of of sissy, whiney crybabies, Ezra included.

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