Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Arnold's Speech - Excerpts

Because I actually have to work for a living and am all the way down here in old Mexico, I am happy to report that Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom provided these interesting excerpts from The Governator's speech tonight in New York City before the Republican National Convention:

A Protein Wisdom exclusive! 9 lines / phrases cut from the final draft of tonight's Arnold Schwarzenegger address to the RNC:

1. [...] unlike John Kerry, who couldn't lift one of Michael Moore's man boobies.
2. Am I the only one who thinks John Edwards looks like a woman?
3. Then Nancy Pelosi got drunk and tried to grab my enormous package.
4. How about those Bush twins in their little party dresses, eh? Does anybody else have a chubby?
5. And then there's Cruz Bustamante, who I pounded into paper and used to wipe my ass.
6. Because were Teresa my wife I would have given her a smack a long time ago. But then, I'm not a Massachusetts pussy, either.
7. I pick scabs with bigger balls than Terry Mcauliffe's.
8. [...] or as Adolph Hitler might say, "mein kampf."
9. I'll be back. and Hasta la vista, baby.

Interesting speech, I'd say.

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