Thursday, August 05, 2004


In "Mexico angry over border weapons - (United Press International)", the Washington Post says,
"The Secretariat of Foreign Relations directed the Mexican ambassador to the United States in Washington to demand an explanation from the State Department and Department of Homeland Security on Thursday on the use of pepper balls along the border."
The Post goes on to explain,
"A pepper ball is a projectile containing a powdered chemical that hurts the eyes and nose. The U.S. Border Patrol uses an air-powered device similar to a paint-ball gun to launch the pepper balls that burst on impact."
However, it would appear that Pres. Vicente Fox and Pres. Bush agreed to implement this program some time ago.
"One component of the plan was the initiation of a pilot program on the use of non-lethal weapons by Border Patrol agents to reduce incidents of aggression against Border Patrol agents, prevent assaults against migrants and border authorities, and deter migrant detentions by civilians. The use of the pepper-ball launch system in the place of firearms is one outgrowth of the initiative."
Let's see if I understand this correctly. Mexican citizens, whose weak and corrupt governments over the past 180 years have been and remain unable and unwilling to provide them with economic, health or educational opportunity nor physical security, violate American law and sovereignty. Then, when confronted by our law enforcement officers, attack those officers with stones, clubs, knives and guns. Now come representatives of that weak and corrupt government to demand that we desist from using this non-lethal means to protect our citizens and law enforcement officers. OK, go with the ACP.

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