Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It's The Movie, Stupid!

Rent, if you don't have a copy, "Apocolypse Now" or "Apololypse Now, Redux". Now, before viewing it, make the following list.
1. Shooting up a sampan on the river.
2. Minor shrapnel wounds to various crewmembers
3. USO show in the middle of nowhere.
4. Illegal crossing of Cambodia border by boat.
5. Black Op insertion of a CIA agent
6. General mayhem at night at the border (Christmas Eve Shoot'em up)

Now, pop in the movie and place a check mark beside each item on the list as you see it occur in the movie. Notice when the movie concludes that all 6 items on your list are checked.

What an incredible coincidence that John Kerry's remembrances of his four (4) months' service in Viet Nam so closely parallel the movie.

What's next, dinner with Kurtz?

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