Sunday, August 08, 2004


Captain's Quarters has a complete copy of Swiftboat vet's legal answer to the threatening letter sent out to radio and TV stations by Kerry's attorneys. Note that the letter addresses each claim made in the commercial, point-by-point, followed by sworn affidavits and other evidence, names, dates, congressional records, Kerry's own words, etc.. This is as opposed to the Kerry lawyers' letter, which simply stated "pack of lies".

One of the Captain's commenters, who says he is an attorney, notes that the exhaustive detail of the Swiftboat vet's response indicates that they anticipated and were well prepared for the Kerry legal gambit and are, no doubt, several steps ahead of Kerry's legal team on this.

Another commenter asks the simple question, "Why not simply release his service records to clear all this up?"

Indeed. We'll wait.

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