Friday, August 06, 2004

This is starting to heat up, folks.

This from The Drudge Report:
The following statement from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth concerns an article appearing in morning edition of the BOSTON GLOBE, written by GLOBE reporter and author of the official Kerry-Edwards campaign book, Mike Kranish.

"Captain George Elliott describes an article appearing in today’s edition of the BOSTON GLOBE by Mike Kranish as extremely inaccurate and highly misstating his actual views. He reaffirms his statement in the current advertisement paid for by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Captain Elliott reaffirms his affidavit in support of that advertisement, and he reaffirms his request that the ad be played.

“Additional documentation will follow.

"The article by Mr. Kranish is particularly surprising given page 102 of Mr. Kranish’s own book quoting John Kerry as acknowledging that he killed a single, wounded, fleeing Viet Cong soldier whom he was afraid would turn around.

"Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has more than 250 supporters who are revealing first hand, eyewitness accounts of numerous incidents concerning John Kerry’s military service record. The organization will continue to discuss much of what John Kerry has reported as fact concerning his four-month tour of duty in Vietnam."

Current status: The Swift Boat vets have released an ad for their book which sounds devastating. The DNC and Kerry '04 lawyers have sent out a fax to hundreds of TV and radio stations which, in effect, threatens legal action against any station that airs or continues to air the ad for the book. The book is #1 on Amazon and has not yet been released. The Boston Globe reported this morning that George Elliott, one of the Swift Boat vets has retracted his story. The Swift Boat vets respond (above).

This is going to be as nasty as it gets. The story is all over the blogoshere and, I believe will destroy Kerry. Keep in mind the following; Richard Clarke, Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame and Michael Moore have all been shown to be liars (with documented proof, eyewitness accounts and even in their own words). The Bush-lied gambit has been shown to be patently false. The Bush-AWOL gambit cannot be proven, either by available documents nor by one single eyewitness (in fact, all eyewitnesses, including an ex-girlfiend, all pretty much agree that he was there and active): The economy is roaring, Iraq is democratizing itself, Afghanistan is democratizing itself, the murdering Islamists have not been able to strike us again, and a poll released today shows that 90% of Vietnamese-Americans support GW.

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