Friday, August 20, 2004

From the "Why didn't I think of that" Department


the "I would have-could have-should have said that" Department

"And to you sir, may I ask, don't you see the irony of the Democrats using 'restore trust' as their slogan. Did you not see their lineup of speakers?

"Let's count: we had Ted Kennedy, who lied about trying to save Mary Jo Kopechne. We had Hillary Clinton, who lied about her billing records, about her commodities trading prowess, about kissing Arafat's wife right after Arafat accused the Israelis of poisoning Palestinian children. We had Al Sharpton, of Tawana Brawley fame, who later incited an anti-Semitic riot in Harlem with fatal consequences--funny how you blindly embrace these leaders of liberty, isn't it?

"And then we had your sweetheart, President Clinton, who never saw a big hairdo or a little lie he couldn't resist. We had John Edwards, who made his fortune convincing juries of the evils of doctors, and finally, Kerry himself, who is living the biggest lie of all--marrying rich, then richer, and feigning empathy for the downtrodden as he jets from home to home to home. Are those the men and women in who's hands and hearts you want to place, if not restore, trust?"

Read all of it. It's good, trust me. But he left out the Hildabeast's most hilarious lie of all, how she got her name (she claimed that her mother named her after the famous Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to scale Mount Everest, when, in fact, she was born several years before his feat, when he was still an anonymous beekeeper in New Zealand).

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