Thursday, December 28, 2006

Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico: The PRD hard at work for the people.

Last week, a PRD (AMLO's party) deputy, Solorio Almazán, publicly denounced a bribery attempt by Guerrero state governor Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo. Solorio Almazán charged that 45 of the 46 PRD members of the state legislature had been given 100,000 peso year end bonuses by the governor (4.5 million pesos total in one of the 3 poorest states in the country). I wonder who the 46th and unpaid PRD legislator is?

The 100,000 pesos was paid to the each of the 45 PRD legislators in return for their votes to approve the governor's 2007 budget. That budget included, among other things, a 50% pay raise to the governor's cabinet members and a 148,000 peso monthly salary to the governor himself.

And the PRD's reaction to this horrifying news? The state PRD, the socialist party, the left wing party, the party of the people, will sanction Congressman Solorio Almazán by suspending him from the party for 3 months for "lack of discipline".

The 3 month suspension is to be used by PRD Congressman Almazán to "ponder his involvement in the PRD party ranks". He will also use this time, presumably, to ponder his future participation in mass bribery schemes while keeping his mouth shut about it.

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