Sunday, December 24, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: PFP planted a spy in APPO 6 months ago

Reforma reports that the PFP planted a mole inside APPO about 7 months ago. It took the guy 6 months to gain the trust of APPO leadership and "fellow" militants because "they mistrusted everybody" and he was able to deliver to PFP command a complete organizational chart of APPO leadership, up to and including the prescription medicines some of them required.

He was able to identify the principal actors in the street violence by name and home address, who broke into the shops and stores and what they stole, who was supplying the rockets and bombs to the rioters, who was manning the barricades at Cinco Señores and inside Juarez University and down to who was throwing the rocks and firing rockets and marbles at the PFP both on Novemnmber 20 and November 25.

He is only described as "1.65m tall, black hair, black eyes, dark complexion, hence, a typical Oaxaqueño". He eventually was made commander of the the rocket brigades that faced off against the PFP on November 25. As such, he was included in the planning sessions prior to that final street confrontation. In other words, the PFP was more prepared that day than APPO expected it to be.

The agent reported that Flavio Sosa began to lose effective control of the APPO "porros" (thugs) on November 2. Effective control of APPO's fighters passed to someone that Reforma can only identify as "Gutierrez". The PFP agent reported that Gutierrez is a member of the Frente Nacional de Lucha Socialista (FNLS), identified by the agent as the "social arm" of the Ejército Popular Revolucionario (EPR), Mexico's most violent guerrilla army.


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