Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Flavio Sosa formally indicted - several times

Flavio Sosa was indicted today, a whole bunch of times. In Mexico it works a bit differently than in the USA. In Mexico, a "Criminal Cause" can be brought against an accused. Inside that Criminal Cause can be any number of individual cimes, unlimited I would suppose.

Today, three different judges approved five different Criminal Causes against Sosa which included nine separate crimes.

Cause 71/2006: Kidnapping, robbery, first degree assault
Cause 70/2006: Vandalism, armed robbery, aggravated by assault
Cause 102/2006: Vandalism, arson (bail set at 3.5 million pesos - $325,000 USD)
Cause 58/2006: Robbery
Cause 136/2006: Aggravated burglary (I think. The charge was "despojo agraviado", which translates to "aggravated plundering". In other words, he is accused of stealing every single stick)

His brother, Horacio Sosa Villavicencio, also got whacked pretty good. He was indicted for vandalism, armed robbery and kidnapping.

The three judges were all from the state of Oaxaca, although none from the state capital.

His lawyers say they will claim that, because he was arrested in the state of Mexico, only judges in that state can issue indictments. That sounds just a bit thin to me.

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