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Oaxaca, Mexico: The Black Widow - María del Carmen López Vázquez

Back in early October I told you about Professor Jaime René Calva Aragón, murdered by ice picks in broad daylight, described here and with more here. Professor Calva was a member of a teachers group which calls itself the Consejo Central de Lucha (CCL). The CCL split with Sección 22 of the SNTE, the striking teachers, and CCL members began in early September to attempt to conduct classes in their own homes, homes of students and in warehouses.

María del Carmen López Vázquez is a pre-school teacher and a bloodthirsty harpy who wants to be the next leader of the SNTE after she disposes of Enrique Rueda Pacheco, current head of Sección 22. She was a major voice on the occupied radio station broadcasts, calling herself "La Jicayán". She could sometimes be heard for a full 8 hours a day, putting her in the same league with other marathon champions of the long yak, like Fidel. She is known here as "La Rosa de Tokio", no translation needed.

In meeting notes smuggled out of secret strategy sessions, she called for an action against the CCL members that would be "be a demonstration that would impress and demoralize them." Shortly thereafter, Professor Calva met with ice picks.

There was a poster, like a wanted poster, pasted all over the downtown during the teachers' occupation of the Zócalo. The poster stated,
These are the betrayers of the teachers democratic movement of Sección 22 who belong to the CCL (Club de Cerdos Lamebotas -- Club of Pig Spies) and they are in the service of the repressor and murderer Ulises Ruiz Ortiz; who for a few pesos sold their consciences and dignity.

If you see them, repudiate them, these pigs.

They will not be allowed to continue!

Fernando Valdés, Pedro Pablo Guenduláin
Roberto Gómez, Luciano Rivera
Joaquín Hernández, Jaime René Calvo
Jesús Reynaldo San Juan, Juan Román Castillo
Joaquín Badillo, Zeferino Pérez
Orquídea Silva, Elsa Ortiz
Irene Ilescas , Elena Naranjo

Alma Delia García, Rocío Chávez
Anastasia Alavez, Josefina Juárez

Esther Sánchez, Angélica Salazar

Alfonso Zárate, Tobías de la Rosa
Jorge Sánchez, Abel Pérez
Bulmaro Juárez, Susana Altamirano, Ernesto Sánchez.
On the poster, the black list is followed by a photo of Luis Pérez Cárdenas along with this caption:
Find him!

Assassin sent by Elba Esther Gordillo (president of SNTE national) to Oaxaca. Creator of the CCL.

If you see him, denounce him or kill him!
No one has yet been able to tie María del Carmen López Vázquez directly to the gruesome murder of Professor Calva. What seems certain is that, at the least, she instigated the murder, if in fact she did not directly order it.

What is probably most interesting to me is that the teachers' union had apparently decided way back in April that their principal demand during their annual strike in May would be the removal of Governor Ruiz Ortiz. The teachers have claimed that the attack on their encampment in the Zócalo on June 14 was the reason for their demand that Ruiz Ortiz go. But intelligence reports indicate that María del Carmen López Vázquez had been demanding this from the start.

María del Carmen López Vázquez is, according to intelligence reports, the main go-between the most radical teachers' union members and the armed guerrilla groups operating in southern Mexico. This is how she has been able to force Rueda Pacheco into acceding to her more radical demands. He would prefer to avoid the ice pick therapy.

Whenever there has been a major rift within the teachers union or between the teachers union and APPO, and there have been several of both varieties, Rueda Pacheco goes into hiding, Hiding not from Governor Ruiz Ortiz, but from his own people.

The annual teachers strike, which has been occurring every year for 31 consecutive years, lasted a full month in 2005. In past years and decades, other governors had tossed the teachers just enough bones to get them to pack up and go home after a week. Ex governor José Murat Casab, Ruiz Ortiz's predecessor, went so far as to rent tour buses at state government expense so that the teachers camped in his Zócalo could take an all expenses paid trip to Mexico City to camp in their Zócalo.

The teachers arrived for their annual campout in the Oaxcaca Zócalo in May, 2005, expecting to stay for a week and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz let them cool their heels for a full month. Both sides vowed that was not going to happen again this year. Well, it didn't, did it?

María del Carmen López Vázquez is a dangerous woman who can and will get you killed.

Hmm. Now where is that pesky DELETE FOREVER key?

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