Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Flavio Sosa arrested after announcing demand for safe conduct

Well, I guess that demand has been answered by the government, hasn't it? APPO leaders Flavio Sosa, his brother Horacio, Ignacio García Maldonado and Marcelino Coache (for some strange reason being spelled as "Coachi" by Reforma) were arrested last night after a press conference they gave at the Centro de Nacional de Comunicación Social (CENCOS). CENCOS is headed up by, tah dah, Bishop Samuel Ruiz. Also at the press conference were APPO leaders María del Carmen López Vázquez y Jesús López. Those two were not detained, either because they were not along for the ride or because there were no outstanding arrest warrants against them.

The Indy Media/Narco News/anarchists website cabal has been squawking for weeks about mass arrests of APPO members and APPO leaders. The fact of the matter is that there are both state and federal arrest warrants against some members of APPO and some of APPO's leadership, but not all. No arrest warrant, no arrest.

The arresting officers also had no warrants in hand against García Maldonado or Coache, either. But those two fought with police officers who were trying to detain the Sosas and are being held on charges of interfering with police and resisting arrest. Those are fairly minor charges here so, if Oaxacan authorities don't arrive with arrest warrants within 48 hours, they'll be released after posting a small bail. I think I posted last night that it was 24 hours and that is incorrect; it's 48.

The TV networks insisted all night that an Ignacio Garnica was arrested with the Sosas. That also appears to have been an error; it's García.

At the press conference, the APPO leaders announced that a negotiating session was scheduled for today at noon between APPO and the Secretary of Interior, with Bishop Ruiz acting as a middle man. APPO has been announcing these meetings, supposedly to take place in Oaxaca, then Mexico City, off and on for two weeks. No one from Interior has ever confirmed any meeting with APPO at any site on any day at any hour covering any agenda.

The purpose of the supposed meeting was to obtain safe conduct guarantees for APPO leaders so that they might continue with their activities. They also were to demand that Interior order the release of everybody arrested during and after the street war that took place two weeks ago. They'll now be issuing those demands from inside the belly of the beast.

I'm going to update this post in a bit with some information on María del Carmen López Vázquez, providing I can find it.

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