Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Special contributor gcblues contributes from Great White North

Special contributor to Mark in Mexico, gcblues of Costa Rica, files this special contribution (which is what special contributors do -- we have discussed this) from the Great White North, which is somewhere north of San Antonio, I think.

gcblues in the eu for a visit w/ entirely 2 much tiempo.

special report from the frozen north
i suppose you expect us to believe photographic evidence. so i bet the cia sends you money for photoshop too! you right wingers have all the money all the power, and if you did not have money and power then what would you be ??? huh??? ever think of that ???? thats what this is about you know. and when we have your money and your power there will be no more poverty. no more sickness. no more war. no more pollution and global warming ...or cooling!! everyone will have education and social security the lack of which, which you are the cause of because you use up all your money for you, your family and to crush little brown indigenus people with your wealth and selfish cruelty.... you selfish right winger cia guy!!!! how much do you make off of iraq!!!! no more!!!! the popular demos will rise and seize the wealth and share with all.....!!!!! death to the corporate right wing oligarlic masons! man i love that olive garlic spread too! man its good. man its cold up here and the girls are reallllly white ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ok, i am clicking my heels 3 times ..... nicaragua, come in , can you hear me nicaragua, come in nicaragua!

Thanks for the contribution, gc. Next time, please send cash, check or stamps.

Weasel words: Views expressed by special contributors are not necessarily shared by Mark in Mexico, his other readers, nor, for that matter, anyone else south of the North Pole or east of China.

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