Monday, June 21, 2004

Eeeeee-Hawwwww! Ride'em, cowgirl!

In the WSJ today, just posted at shortly after 11 this morning. This lady gets her spurs into Kofi, et al, and I mean really deep.

Really important reading, for everyone. After reading this speech by Anne Bayefsky, delivered to the conference on Confronting Anti-Semitism: Education for Tolerance and Understanding, I had to wonder about who the attendees might be. Anyone from any member of the Arab League? How many members of OPEC were present? Did the French representative hang his head in shame? Was he even a little uncomfortable? Was he even there?

The following comments come with the caveat that I may not know what the hell I am talking about.

She says that anti-Semitism (notice as you peruse various news media reports, blogs and commentators these days how often the first "S" in anti-Semitism is no longer capitalized) was not included in the 1965 UN treaty on racial discrimination. On the face of it, why would it be included? Judaism is not a race, it is a religion. Now, having said that, it would be interesting to see exactly what was included in this treaty as "racial discrimination".

And "...cross-amputation of right hand and left foot"?. Why do we even try to talk to these people? To paraphrase "Pulp Fiction", just get medieval on their ass.

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