Tuesday, June 15, 2004


End discrimination, say Muslims

Herald Sun (AU), by Mark Dunn (via News Forum Home Page)

"ISLAMIC groups say anti-terrorism laws discriminate against Muslims and should be scrapped. 'It is clear that the anti-terrorism legislation based in this country . . . has (focused on) one section of the community only -- Muslims,' says an open letter signed by 25 Australian Muslim organisations and sent to all federal MPs. 'It is concerning that only Muslims have been arrested and only organisations linked to Muslims have been proscribed.'"

The Herald Sun in Australia thoughtfully provides an email window for comments by readers. I have rewarded the Herald Sun by taking advantage of their kind invitation, to wit;

"You folks seem to be pretty good at taking care of your own problems, but please allow an American to suggest a possible answer to the Muslim organizations mentioned in your article.

When did a Jew last blow up a nightclub full of tourists?
When did a Catholic last blow up an embassy and kill over 200 Muslims?
When did an Eastern Orthodox Christian last pilot a boatload of explosives against the side of a ship?
When did a Buddhist last shoot a pregnant mother and then execute her four little girls at point-blank range?
When did a Hindu last blow himself up along with a busload of school children?
When did an Aborigine last fly an airplane into a crowded office tower?

Whom do you think we should be watching?"

Nice response, don't you think? I shall await my Pulitzer.

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