Thursday, June 24, 2004


A Korean immigrant and his wife (who just happen to be mega- millionaires or perhaps billionaires, who just happen to own The Washington Post and United Press International) are feted in a ceremony in which they are crowned (literally, one crown each), as Mr. and Mrs. The Messiah. Said fete takes place in Washington D.C., at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, is attended by at least a dozen members of Congress, one of whom, Rep. Danny K. Davis (D), IL, cruises around in white gloves, carrying one of the crowns on a pillow, prior to said messiahnation. The name of the senator who, by rule, must sponsor such events in the Dirksen building, remains a mystery, no one wishing at this time to reveal his/her name.

I don't believe this, you say. Well, try here, here or here, if you like.

I don't know about you, but this strikes me as more than a bit, ummm, odd, don't you think? What is not odd at all are the desperate denials and furious backpedaling from those involved. "I know nuss-iiing, I see nuss-iiing, I hear nuss-iiing", said Sargeant Schultz, no, wait, that was various members of Congress when trapped, like rats on a sinking ship, by questioning reporters.

I think they should all be locked up before they truly hurt someone, or themselves. Maybe we should all be locked up for voting them into office in the first place.

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