Sunday, June 27, 2004


Prof. August Nimtz, Jr. of the University of Minnesota, mentioned prominently in my "Village Idiot" post yesterday, is the proud author of "Class Struggle Under 'Empire': In Defence of Marx and Engels", published in Issue 96 of the International Socialism Journal, 2002.


I also found his course syllabus for "Political Development", fall semester, 2000, UofM, which included the following:
Castro: "Address to Group of 77 South Summit Conference"
Nimtz: "Marxism (2nd Edition)
Che Guevara: "Address to the Tricontinental Conference"
Nimtz: "Marxism" (1st Edition)
Clark and Barnes: "The Politics of Economics: Che Guevara and Marxist Continuity"
Nimtz and Prevost: "Cuban Revolution is alive and doing as well as can be expected"
Double ooookay.

Professor Nimtz seems to spend an inordinate amount of time in support and praise of Fidel, Raul, Che, Elian (or rather, his forced return to Cuba), Marx, Engels, etc. No doubt during those long and harsh Midwestern winters the dreams of palm trees swaying in the warm ocean breezes on the beach at Havana attract Prof. Nimtz to even further exertions in adulation of that failed and irrelevant dictatorship somewhere off the coast of Florida.

I think "irrelevant" is the keyword here.

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