Friday, June 25, 2004


I received a reply from MSN about my Passport account problems. A nice fellow named Elmer says that he understands my frustration and is here to help me solve my problems. His suggestion? Open a new Hotmail account.

I replied, "Well, that's just great, Elmer. Sure, I can open a new account, but what about my address book, unopened or unread mail, my folders and email history, etc.?"

I await his response.

In the meantime, the email links on this page will get you to me. I have received several emails from visitors to this page, including a certain lady in Wisconsin (concerning movies), a certain lady in Vassar, MI (concerning personal stuff) and a certain gentleman in New Jersey (concerning Guanajuato). I had not yet replied to your emails and now cannot because I have lost your addresses. If you see this, please contact me at

Be careful, that is mark En mexico, not mark In mexico

Thank you for your support, your feelings, your sympathy, your blah blah blah boy am I really pissed about this!

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