Tuesday, June 08, 2004


A dear old friend of mine sent me an email, out of the blue. I haven't spoken to her since Christmas past, and haven't seen her or her husband for a couple of years. Their story is one of those that you read about or hear about, but it never happens to you. Their names are Mike and Donna Davis.

After they had been married for awhile and had decided to have a baby, they discovered that they could not. She began fertility treatments of various kinds with various doctors, clinics, experts, etc., but nothing worked. I know they went through this for at least 2 years, maybe more, before they gave up began discussing adoption.

Guess what? Boom! Pregnant. (Perhaps I should say, Bang! Pregnant.) They now have 2 sons, named Michael, named after I don't know whom, and a 4 month old named Anthony, named, of course, in honor of yours truly. How could anyone be happier for them than me?

They live in Vassar, MI (where?) in a beautiful home on 7 acres in the country. They are having their anual pig-roast the last week in July and have asked me to announce that the entire world is welcome. (first come, first served, BYOB) I asked her today how the pig feels about all this and she replied that he had not been consulted and was not likely to be.

Great hearing from you, Donna, and we'll keep in touch. I am sure that she will now be a frequent visitor to Mark in Mexico (hint, hint) and will be a frequent commenter, also.

UPDATE: Mike and Donna issue a special invitation to the 1.5 billion Chinese citizens who, as always, are especially welcome to the pig-roast (first come, first served, BYOB).

UPDATE II: Mike and Donna asked me to be sure and announce that Taliban and Sadr terrorists may attend only if they are dead, but not yet buried (first come, first served, BYOB).

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