Saturday, June 05, 2004


Please take the following IQ test to determine whether you are generally cognizant, more or less aware, at least half awake, playing with a full deck, no bricks shy of a load, in like Flynn, right way Corrigan and in the right camp, or, unfortunately, no longer living.

Please be advised that this is a single elimination exam. If you fail to successfully answer all questions correctly, you are either; A) a total moron, or B) a left leaning - commy pinko - weak kneed - lilly livered - slack jawed - knee jerk - Massachusetts based - overly nuanced - flag sneering - trollodite Dodger fan, or C) unfortunately, no longer living.

Fill in the Blanks, using the clues provided to help you appear less than totally hopeless:

Still searching for their first win in the month of June, the ____________(famous for baked beans) _________(color) __________(smelly footwear) play the middle game of a three-game set this evening against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium.

With the ______(ain't old) _______(Duke of, had 10,000 men) _____________(Mason-Dixon, north of) catching fire in recent weeks, the _____(color) ______(smelly footwear) have picked a bad time to cool off, losing four in a row and six of their last eight.

On Friday night the _____(smelly footwear), now a season-high 3 1/2 games behind the ________(Car 54) __________(B-29's) for first place in the American League East, came up on the short end of a 5-2 decision in the series opener.

Part II
Multiple guess, using clues thoughtfully not provided:

This team has won 4 straight and is in first place by 3 1/2 games and has the best record in baseball.
New York Knicks
New York Rangers
Confederate States of America
New York Cosmos
New York Yankees
New York Titans

This team has lost 4 straight, 6 of their last 8, and trail by 3 1/2 games.
Boston Bruins
Boston Braves
Democratic National Committee
Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Soxx
Boston Marathon

Please submit all completed exams upon completion after you have completed them to Michelle at A Small Victory. For your convenience, no link is provided, but you might just find one over there on the left. No, your other left.

Good Luck!

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