Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I read this guy occasionally, but today he is SMOKIN'. To wit:

On the accusation that RWR contributed to Latin American poverty;
Whatever the continent’s fate, it won’t include a return of the puffed-up bemedalled El-Presidentes-For-Life, like General Juan Velasco Alvarado of Peru, who abolished Christmas and banned Donald Duck.
(from me - banned Donald Duck? Is that guy still alive?)

On the Irish, the Canadians, RWR, et al;
But John Kerry still thought it worth passing himself off as Irish for two decades (he’s not; he’s of Jewish extraction, but for reasons best known to him buried that and played up the Oirish).
On "Americans don't get Europe";
If you think that Spanish election result is a disgrace, look down the road two or three years, to the next election cycle, in France, Belgium, the Netherlands. In the US, psephologists speculate on the impact of Ralph Nader’s two or three per cent. Think about an election where 20% of the voters are a culturally unassimilated Muslim bloc. If Washington has a hard time getting any useful contribution to the war from Europe now, you do the math five years hence. The incompatible buddy-cop routine works in Starsky & Hutch, but America and Europe have stretched the formula way beyond breaking point. It can’t be put back together.

The writer is Mark Steyn and deserves your (and my) daily attention.

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