Sunday, November 27, 2005

.0000004% of population hear Sheehan's anti-war speech

About 100 people, or .0000004% of the population of the United States of America, attended an anti-war rally near the Bush ranch and heard a speech by Cindy Sheehan. I could do better if I posted a classified ad in the Oaxaca newspapers, in English, announcing that I would drop my pants in the middle of the central square tomorrow at high noon. Hell, there would be a hundred cops there, alone, just to make the arrest as well as a hundred reporters and photographers to report on the event. Add in a thousand or so curious onlookers and I would make Cindy Sheehan look like the piker she truly is.

Dare me to do it.

UPDATE: There is still time, however, to get one of the few remaining tickets to Cindy's book signing. Hurry because, as you can clearly see, there are only a few choice seats remaining.

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