Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ace of Spades' long dark November(s)

Ace writes something here in response to Wunderkraut's plaintive question which is quite apropos. Blogger burnout, or maybe more accurately stated as blogger brownout. You have to realize that when Mark in Mexico devotes so much time and thought to a post about and then emails it to everyone in the Western hemisphere, the long twilight of blogger burnout has set in here, too. I'm reaching, struggling, scraping the bottom of an already well scraped barrel.

I'm beginning to wake up a bit, but I've had two or three really bad weeks where I just didn't want to comment on anything going on because, A) Everybody else was already the firstest with the mostest, or B) I had already spoken my piece, or C) I thought, "What's the point, it will all still be here tomorrow, unchanged in any manner whatsoever" or D) It just wasn't fun, anymore (except for Paris burning - the haughty French are easy targets).

Wunderkraut asks, in so many words, "How many times can you comment on the same current events?" Ace answers, "Trust me -- a lot of frickin' times if you want to keep this up. I don't think I've said something original since May 2004." Ace exaggerates about his supposed lack of originality but his point is well taken.

We bloggers compete against highly paid professionals with huge, well funded bully pulpits from which to bash away at us. Many of them, as Ace notes, only write a few times per week while we bloggers, in desperate attempts to keep our viewership constant or (be still my heart) growing, have to crank out multiple posts 5 or 6 or 7 days a week.

Then, someone like Helen Thomas pukes out something so totally beyond the pale that I get spurred in the ribs and can at least break out of the desultory walk into a slow canter. I would add to Ace's thoughts on the matter this small contribution.

They aren't going to stop. We can't allow ourselves to stop, either. We're on a mission from God. So to speak.

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