Monday, November 28, 2005

Monkey Business

Looking for that Christmas, er . . . holiday, er . . . whatever gift for someone who has everything except your respect? Try Monkey Gifts! They've got monkey jewelry, monkey masks, monkey statues, monkey figurines, monkey dolls, monkey stuffed animals (not real stuffed monkeys, I would presume), monkey keychains and monkey everything. Well, not quite monkey everything. I didn't see a Monkey Rolls Royce nor a Monkey F-16 jet fighter but they've got almost everything else monkey.

This is my favorite. It is advertised as, "A plastic Monkey Boomerang that measures 9" across. It won't come back as a boomerang but it sails a long distance 50 - 60 feet twirling as it flies." I don't mean to be picky and I'm not monkeying around, but if it won't come back how can they call it a boomerang? It should be a Monkey Throwin' Thang. But, a real steal at $3.00 USD.

Just sayin'.


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