Thursday, November 10, 2005

Modern Europeans descended from Alley Oop

Researchers led by Wolfgang Haak of Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany along with colleagues Joachim Burger, also from Johannes Gutenberg University and Peter Forster from the University of Cambridge in England have determined that modern Europeans are directly descended from Alley Oop, a famous stone age hunter-gatherer. They examined 25 bodies of farmers some 7500 years old and discovered that the mitochondrial DNA marker N1a was present in 25% of the bodies examined while it is present in just 0.2% of modern European DNA. This means that the thinking that modern Europeans are descended from farmers who migrated there from Boston may not be accurate.

Other experts, insisting on European Airy Fairy lineage, at least for the French, dispute the findings. "The data are new, the analysis is not compelling, and the conclusions are illogical," said anthropologist Milford H. Wolpoff of the University of Michigan. "And besides," he added, "everyone knows that Jacques Chirac is an Airy Fairy in a country filled with fu . . . er . . Airy Fairies."

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