Friday, November 04, 2005

Canada battles Al Qaeda with "confrontation interviews"

This report of Canadian authorities breaking up an AlQaeda terror cell is a hoot. It is not against the law in Canada to be a member of a terrorist group. Canadian law is geared toward action rather than membership. So these four terrorists were confronted by an "confrontation interview".
"It was deemed that a confrontation interview was the best way to go," Campion said.
In other words, I suppose, after a terrorist cell has murdered some number of innocents, then Canadian officials would take some type of stronger action. Perhaps an accusation interview?

The unnamed Al Qaeda cell leader had studied bomb-making at two al Qaeda camps run by Osama bin Laden in eastern Afghanistan and had been an al Qaeda training camp instructor, said Barbara Campion, spokeswoman for the counter-terrorism agency Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The four members of the group are Algerian refugee claimants who all belonged to the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GPSC), which Canada has listed as a terrorist organization.

Now, it is against Canadian law to enter the country or to remain in the country in support of or at the behest of a listed terrorist organization. Therefore, Canadian authorities can arrest such persons and deport them to somewhere else so that they could kill someone else's citizens, hopefully not Canadians. Three of the terrorist group members apparently refuse to leave, so they were deported to the United States because they had entered Canada under refugee-seeking status through a U.S. border crossing. Their Al Qaeda boss, however, left Canada voluntarily to a destination unmentioned in this report.

An accusatory interview. Let that be a lesson to you, eh?

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