Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico: Governor seriously ill; struck deaf, dumb and blind.

"We have been asking for months that Governor Torreblanca meet with us but he neither sees us nor hears us nor listens to us."
That's from Pedro Nava, leader of the Organización de Pueblos y Colonias de Guerrero (OPCG). There are several issues of great urgency to the campesinos but of no particular import to hizzoner. Guerrero is building a dam, La Parota, which will submerse all the campesinos' land with little or no recompense. OPCG would like to discuss that with the governor.

OPCG also comes on behalf of the citizens of Carrizalillo, who want to be paid a fair amount by the gold mine company Luismin (Louie's mine) that is extracting the precious metal from their lands. I think that Luismin is currently paying them something like $0.02 (USD) per 16 tons and what do you get? For the citizens of Carrizalillo, only another day older and deeper in debt.

OPCG says that the governor has had several meetings, all with the mining company.

OPCG is really upset now and promises to demonstrate in front of the governor's office on Monday. The reason they are so upset is that they were promised a meeting yesterday with the governor's secretary. When OPCG representatives arrived at the state house, they were told that the secretaries were all gone for the day, but that the secretaries' "representatives" would meet with them. The OPCG delegates declined to meet with representatives to the secretaries to the governor.

What a bureaucracy, eh? The secretaries to the governor have representatives.
Q: "And what is your job here in the state house, sir?"

A: "I'm a personal representative to a personal secretary to the governor."

Q: "And what does that entail?"

A:" Uh . . . I represent a secretary who secretaries for the governor. What, are you stupid or something?"

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