Friday, February 23, 2007

Mexico City: Take a train, drive an automobile, ride a burro. Do NOT fly with a Mexican airline.

The national carrier Azteca has been given 5 days by a Mexico City judge to get out of Mexcio City International Airport. Azteca, the country's 5th largest national carrier, owes the airport 76 million pesos. The airline owes the airport operator a lot more. The airport's operator, AICM, has filed 11 seperate lawsuits over time against Azteca. This decision only covered 3 of those lawsuits.

The airline also owes the federal government 62 million pesos for fees connected with operating in Mexican airspace. Azteca also owes 15 million pesos for aviation fuel.

So, an airline is in financial trouble. So what? It happens every day, right? Well, listen, or rather, read this: Last December, 18 Aztec pilots, including the company's chief pilot, resigned because the airplanes were not safe to fly.

Azteca Airlines carries 2000 passengers a day. The chief pilot and 17 other company pilots resign because the airplanes aren't safe. The response from the government?


Wear a parachute.

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