Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mexico City: Police commisioner claims 91% adoption of Giuliani's recommendations

Secretary of Public Security Joel Ortega Cuevas also has a rather large bridge for sale.

He claims that the Mexico City government has implemented or is in the process of implementing 125 of the 146 recommendations made by Rudolph Giuliani's security team in 2003.

The only recommendation that he could point to with pride was the creation of a central "crime data warehouse" supposedly suggested by Giuliani's team. Ortega said that the database now had 66 million files and 43 databases.

That's it. 66 million files and 43 databases.

You can read the entire report presented to Mexico City Andrés Manuél López Obrador (AMLO) on 7 August, 2003. It is titled "Reporte Giuliani SSP" and is in Spanish. I haven't found a copy of the report in English.

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