Sunday, February 11, 2007

Uriangato, Guanajuato, Mexico: Busted with porn!

The mayor of Uriangato, suspecting that some hanky de pankies were occurring on his watch, pulled a surprise computer inspection throughout Uriangato municipal offices. Guess what he found? Here, I'll let Mayor Carlos Guzmán tell it:
"More files of photos of naked women and sex acts were found than official government files or projects."

"Everything from nude men to nude women to sex acts were found."
Among those busted in the surprise porno inspection were the municipal Director of Economy, Enrique Patiño; the Director of Public Works, Felipe de Jesús Mora; and the Director of the Property Title Office, Joaquín Mora. 17 other municipal officials were likewise ensnared.

The mayor will dock the 20 officials' paychecks 2 weeks pay for the infractions. He threatened to fire anyone caught a second time. He told the city council:
"We're not going to spend the municipal government's work time and computer equipment on immoral activities."

"This could be considered as the illegal diversion of funds and materials for personal use."

"Watching porno is not the work of a city employee and they should be ashamed to collect their salaries while failing to perform the duties which they were assigned."
The 20 municipal porno monitors had no comment for the press.

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