Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mexico City: Not better than a stick in the eye

Here is a horrifying report from El Universal about men being killed by eye drops. Eye drops? Apparently so.

Prostitutes operating in at least 10 Mexico City hotels, including the Zona Rosa, are accompanying men to those hotels, then, on the sly, putting drops of Refractyl Ofteno or Eye Mo in the men's drinks as well as smearing it on their breasts (those of the, er, ladies, that is). Refractyl Ofteno contains chlorohydrate of ciclopentolate or cyclopentolate hydrochloride or something like that. This stuff slows the heart rate, cranks blood pressure, causes loss of conciousness and, at least 13 times in the past 2 years, a heart attack and death.

When those men lucky enough to survive the experience wake up, they have been stripped of wallet, cash, car, credit cards, everything. One guy who went with a friend and two of the ladies woke up to find said friend dead.

The most notorious and dangerous bars are the cantina La Polar in Colonia San Rafael, the bars Freedom and La Vitrola, both in the Zona Rosa, and many restaurants and bars in Colonia Garibaldi. I've been in Freeedom in the Zona Rosa but, as I recall, had no eye problems and therefore did not require a nurse to administer any eye drops in my eyes or wherever.

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