Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mexico City: 500 police protest corruption and extorsion

Some 500 state police in Mexico City districts marched in various locations to protest their salaries, lack of training, lack of clearly defined shifts (1st shift is dawn to dusk, 2nd shift is dusk to dawn, 3rd shift is everything in between), and an end to being extorted by their commanders for money. The cops say they have no choice but to extort money from motorists in the form of bribes because they have to pay their superiors for their "rights". Those rights include the privilege to pay their superiors for their rights. Whatever.

This is the oldest story in Mexico. It happens in every police force, in every labor union and in most plants and factories. If you want the good job or the best hours or the prettiest co-workers nearby, yuh gotta pay.

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