Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mexico City: Felipe Calderón vows, "We won't surrender" to narco violence.

In a speech at an Air Force base, Mexican President Felipe Calderon answered both the weepy hand wringers as well as Mexican organized crime. And he did so in no uncertain terms.
We will not surrender, neither to threats nor to overt attacks against the security of all Mexicans.

While organized crime's actions against society may be becoming more violent, the response by all three levels of government (local, state, federal), the armed forces and by society itself will become more implacable.

We will neither offer truce nor safe harbor to the enemies of Mexico. This is a fight that we will win if, among all Mexicans, we continue to join forces and solidify our energy, our talent and our will.
The president asked for the help, understanding and patience of the Mexican people, local governments, all political parties, the press, and the Church, because, he emphasized, this subject (organized crime) is of the utmost importance to the nation.

The president mentioned the church in particular perhaps in response to the Bishop of the Diocese of Chilpancingo-Chilapa (Guerrero - one of Mexico's most violent states), Alejo Zavala Castro. He sniffled that "More police and weapons are not going to solve the narco-terrorism problem. You've got to give the people more economic opportunities."

Right. Calderón will immediately inaugurate programs whereby grade school dropouts can earn a million bucks a week, pay no taxes, cruise around in limousines and yachts and watch all the competition get gunned down in the streets. Programs like that are just a dime a dozen, there, Bishop.

Oh, and the Bishop also declared that he and his flocks have been diligently praying for, er, what, I'm not exactly sure. I would presume that the Bishop's most heart-felt prayers have been going out to all those who have only recently stopped a bullet or 30.

Mexico's Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera believes in being a lot more practical. After Calderóns call yesterday for the support of the country, Cardinal Rivera Carrera responded during his Mass this morning. He said that the president's call to arms was "very opportune" and that "all Mexicans have something to contribute."

He said that the fight was not that of the State nor the government alone, but had to start within each family "because that's where the problems originate, where there is a lack of values." OK, I'll buy into that much, your Eminence.

Later, at a news conference, he added that the government, all institutions (including, presumably, the Church) and all the citizenry had the duty to join forces against "this cancer of narco traffickers." That's better yet, your Eminence!

Cardinal Rivera Carrera: "I'll whack 'em with my stick.
It's really heavy. It's 24 ct. gold. It'll hurt a lot."

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