Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mexico City: Secretary of Defense Galván, "We'll win this fight."

Mexico's Secretary of Defense, Guillermo Galván:
In no way, never, are they (narco traffickers) going to win this battle. We have a united front composed of all the sections of the executive branch and we are surely already tipping the balance in our favor.
galván, speaking to the senate, warned that "this foght will not be won in a day" and that it might take years to reach the goal of crushing the drug cartels once and for all.

Galván emphasized that law enforcement was approaching ever closer to the bases of the drug cartels, as evidenced by the narco traffickers' violent reactions against civilian government and civil service employees. Those actions included the attempted assassination of a federal deputy in Nuevo Laredo just last night.

PRI deputy Horacio Emigdio Garza Garza was hit by three bullets in the drive-by shooting. His driver / bodyguard was killed. Garza is also a two-term ex-mayor of Nuevo Laredo.

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