Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO fortifies Juarez University -- anti-aircraft fire common

APPO has been working throughout yesterday and last night to fortify their last redoubt at Benito Juarez University. There are now 5 lines of barricades blocking Avenida Universidad. This normally busy thoroughfare is, when not choked by illegally parked cars, an 8 lane divided boulevard. APPO pseudo-students have 5 city buses blocking the northern end of the boulevard at the big Cinco Señores intersection. At the southern end in front of Plaza Oaxaca, near my location, sits the propane gas tanker.

These idiots set fire to another hijacked truck just 50 feet away from the propane truck. The burning truck has burned down to the rims and is still smoking.

Why the PFP has allowed APPO to build up its forces and barricades here is beyond me. It may be that there simply are not enough federal police to hold down every hot spot around the city. The Zócalo, now under the feds' control, was a simbol of the insurrection, I'll admit. But with every hour that goes by APPO becomes stronger and more dangerous in front of and inside the university. APPO radio is back on the air, so they must have some technical expertise that has allowed them to regain or replace the electricity which was cut off Sunday night.

APPO is financing their operation through the robbery of my HSBC ATM machines. They also hit the fire station that sits just behind Plaza Oaxaca. A group of APPO thugs arrived at the fire station this morning and demanded that the firemen turn over their vehicles. When the firemen refused, they were attacked. There were two firemen injured. APPO got away with the emergency paramedic vehicle, 7 fireproof suits with oxygen tanks and a private SUV belonging to one of the firemen as well as other firefighting equipment. According to reports they did not get a firetruck.

I will walk back down there and see if I can get an inventory and maybe even interview a fireman, if there are any left.

There are overflights by helicopters, about 1 per hour. As the helicopters approach, APPO soldiers fire their rockets at them. It is amusing because the rockets don't even come close. After dark, there is wild rocket firing because the APPistas can only hear the helicopters. So they fire their rockets into the air randomly in an effort to bring down an aircraft. This is also amusing up until about 11:00 pm when I would like to go to sleep.

The feds are also employing a single engine airplane, but only at night. This plane appeared mysteriously on Sunday night. No one seems to know what this plane is being used for. It only seems to arrive at the airport. I have never heard it, much less seen it, after a takeoff or approaching the airspace above the university. It always seems to be returning. On Sunday night, the university's APPO defenders ignored the airplane. But last night they took potshots at it, as well. This is even more entertaining because the plane is long gone before the APPistas hear its engine and can get off a few rockets. Last night I heard the plane pass overhead before the rockets began bursting in air. I think it's the CIA.

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