Friday, October 27, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO reports finding body of teacher outside city

APPO radio (Juarez University radio) is reporting that the body of a teacher was discovered about 1.5 miles outside Oaxaca City this afternoon. That brings today's casualty tally to 2 dead and 12 wounded in at least 3 incidents. Some of this is internecine warfare between neighbors fed up with the ongoing disruption of their lives. The incident where the reporter was killed is a strange one.

There is just no way that I can believe that government sponsored thugs engaged in that one. They may be, in fact, police officers. But under no circumstances would they have been ordered to attack a group inside the city in broad daylight with photographers and cameraman standing all around. Additionally, if they were government sponsored, they would have all worn ski masks.

This incident looks to me like one or more of the policemen tried to run the APPO barricade. The APPO insurgents then set fire to the vehicle, not realizing that the men inside were police. The police left and returned within minutes with weapons and reinforcements. They were really pissed off or they would have taken a bit more time to disguise themselves.

Also, they arrived on foot with no apparent escape plan or method. They then fled, still on foot, after the shootings. Whether or not they are truly holed up inside the Municipal Palace is still not known.

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