Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Father of 3 decapitated at APPO roadblock

Daniel Nieto Ovando, 24 and father of 3 children ages 5, 2 and 1, literaly lost his head when he hit a wire strung across a street in the Volcanes colonia which is just to the north of Colonia Reforma. According to neighbors, this blockade had been erected only the night before so that Nieto Ovando would not have known about its danger. The young dairy worker was on his way home from work at about 3:00 this morning on his motorcycle when he hit the wire, decapitating him and killing him instantly.

The "guardians" of the blockade had fallen asleep and failed to try to warn him before his neck hit the wire. What kind of ignorant dumbasses would string a wire across a busy street, at neck height and after dark? Of course the "guardians" are all long gone and there will be no criminal nor civil penalties, no recourse whatsoever for the widow and her three fatherless babies.

The young man's father-in-law, Manuel Aguirre, said, "The irresponsibility of those who put up the roadblocks and blockades was the cause of my son-in-laws death because they didn't even try to make any type of signal to warn him." He added that he didn't know how the family would scrape up the money for his funeral.

The newly widowed Jasmín Aguirre declared through tears, "It's time for the government to pull on some pants and resolve this conflict which has brought nothing but tragedies like this that our family is enduring."

Collateral damage, I guess. Right, Oaxaca Charlie? Unfortunate but a necessary sacrifice to further demonstrate the evils of Governor Ruiz Ortiz, McDonalds and genetically modified sweet corn.

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