Monday, October 30, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: The PAN bails out on Ulises Ruiz Ortiz

The president of the Governing Council of the Mexican House of Representatives (Cámera de Diputados), Jorge Zermeño Infante of the PAN (the party of Fox and Calderón) has bailed out on Oaxaca's Governor Ruiz Ortiz. Zermeño, while supporting the enrance of federal forces into the city, has called for the embattled governor to step down.

Zermeño says that he thinks this is the only way to begin the long-term solutions to the problems in Oaxaca. He's probably right.

That puts the PAN and the PRD (party of AMLO), the two biggest parties in the Mexican legislature, in the same corner . . . sort of. Zermeño and the PAN recognize that, under the law, Ruiz Ortiz cannot be forced from office. The PRD not only vociferously opposes the presence of federal forces in the city, but also wants Ruiz Ortiz fired and to hell with the law.

Meanwhile, Ruiz Ortiz says he's not going anywhere. Developing (understatement of the week).

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