Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Ballad of Ezzie Thomas

Ezzie Thomas had an axe.
He gave some ballots forty whacks.
When he saw what he had done,
He gave Mulvaney's forty-one.

Now his shyster points the way
To a new election any day.
And Buddy Dyer's feelin' the heat
Tis doubtful that the charges he'll beat.

Brave Bud says that he knows naught
Of when and how ol Ez was bought.
"Patty Sharp's the one to see,
Why are you all pickin' on me?"

The FDLE's on the case
Tis doubtful that the Dems save face.
But Kerry says the GOP
Was stealin' votes, well we'll just see.
(Also valid for Cleveland, King County, D.C, etc., etc., etc.. Only the names change, fraudulent activity and party affiliation remain the same.)

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