Thursday, January 13, 2005

Jean-Marie Le Pen is right about Nazi occupation of France.

The Jerusalem Post reports than Le Pinhead is in hot water for stating during an interview that the Nazi occupation of France was not particularly inhuman (inhumane?). I think he's right. When the majority of your people collaborate (see Vichy France) you would expect to be treated with a bit more care and respect than those who actually fought back (see Warsaw). Now the fact that he admits to some blunders (by this I suppose he refers to 2500 out of 76,000 deported Jews actually survived) in no way should intimate that the Germans were inhumane. Just inefficient, I guess. The first offensive shots fired by US forces in WWII were against French forts defending the Tunisian coast for their German guests. What more loyal subjects could one ask for?

Keep your chins up there, John Mary (known affectionately around here as "La Rana"), especially in the face of those snotty Israelis. After all, 73,500 out of some 6.5 million is really a pretty small percentage, right?

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