Wednesday, January 12, 2005


In The Sun Herald James Lileks does his usual brilliant work to the CBS Rathergate Reprt with his razor-sharp stilleto. To wit;
It (the Report) wasn't quietly sneaked out on a Friday night. It named names and collected scalps. Four CBS employees were heaved out the window. Some sort of commission will be set up to safeguard the precious remaining ounces of the network's credibility, which are now in a vial in a safe.
The report did note that some who helped unmask the forgeries had agendas of their own. Which is relevant how, exactly? If an atheist proves that the face of the Virgin Mary on a Krispy Kreme was actually drawn with a Sharpie, this doesn't mean the doughnut's holy.
The CBS report can't bring itself, even now, to say the documents were unquestionably bogus. Rather himself told the panel that "no one had provided persuasive evidence that the documents were not authentic." This is like floating in the North Atlantic, clinging to a White Star Line life preserver, asking for proof that the Titanic ever existed in the first place.
Remember the heading on those damning memos? SUBJECT: CYA.

"A" stands for "anchor."
and these hilarious Ratherisms;

You are as hard-working as an Oklahoma toad in a button-polishing contest, and I'm happy as a horse who inherited a peanut butter factory. After 17 attempts to smear Bush with a fabricated charge, it looks as if we may finally have something that sticks like Juicy Fruit on the Alamo wall. Keep in touch. Dan


Anonymous said...

Dick was hired by Viacom to CY their A--s. He did just that. No senior people were fired. Only mid-level execs. Dick gave Viacom what they paid him for a coverup.
Rod Stanton

Mark in Mexico said...

Rod, you know, that's an interesting take on this that I, so far, have not seen anywhere else. Most of the pundits are assuming that the panel was hired by CBS. (me too, prior to your comment).