Monday, January 17, 2005

Clearer Transparency

Kofi Annan plans a shake-up of his management team according to this report from al-Reuters via Yahoo News. Or a re-shuffle, as is related later in the article. Now, there is a big difference between a shakeup and a re-shuffle. However, in either case you have the same milk and ice cream or the same 52 cards when you have finished as those with which you started. In other words, don't expect any meaningful changes.

Now Kofi, or as many of my English language students mispronounce it, "Coffee", says, "I saw Mr. Volcker's comments on the audit reports, which indicate that we have work to do in the management area and we need clearer transparency." Clearer transparency. Hmmm. Reminds me of the detergent commercial for bluer blues and whiter whites. Clearer transparency as opposed to what? Less opaque opacity? And Coffee "saw" the comments, not studied them or carefully reviewed them or perused them or discussed them with Paul Volker. He just saw them. What if I told Roger L. Simon that I had just seen one of his detective novels and what I think Roger needs is a gunnier Gunn? Did I read the novel? Well, no, but I saw it, dontcha know?

And for more hilarity, the article goes on to report that "John Ruggie, a former U.N. assistant secretary-general and now a professor of international relations at Harvard University, said the difficulty the world body had in responding to the oil-for-food charges made Annan realize that different kind (sic) of skills were necessary in key positions." Different kinds of skills like honesty, integrity, actually doing some work and avoiding "NO PARKING" zones were those which he referenced, I'm sure.

I think I'll go prepare a whiskier whiskey and hit the couch as I certainly possess the skills necessary for that key position.

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