Saturday, January 22, 2005

The one-minute test

In "Why this Detroit athlete did the right thing" Michael Rosenberg writes about "the one-minute test" whereby
Larry Foote, Detroit native and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, will write down 10 math problems. His 8-year-old son, Trey-veion, has a minute to get them right.
The youngster then is given 2 minutes to correctly spell his name.

Just kidding. This is actually a good story and, at the end of the story, the difference between Larry Foote and Warren Sapp, or Warren The Sap, is highlighted and could not be more stark. One man, and I do mean "man", does the right thing (obviously loving every minute of it) while the other mammal of the male persuasion lawyers up and fights off his responsibilities tooth and nail.

I am a long-time Steelers fan and will be watching for every bone-jarring tackle by Mr. Foote and cheering right along with Trey-vision, no, Trey-visteon, no, Trey-fusion, no, ahhhh, what the hell, The Kid.

He's only 8 years old, so it is hoped that adults (like his father) would understand the lame attempt at humor here and not confuse it with picking on a little kid You know, like Warren does.

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