Thursday, January 13, 2005

UN to convene special session in memory of holocaust victims - I wonder who'll come. (see update)

This article from Kerala News (India) says that the useless UN will hold a special session of the Generally Incompetent Assembly, made up of 191 nations, in memory of The Holocaust. Kofi Annan says that "a majority" of member states have agreed to the request to convene the special session. I wonder what constitutes this majority. A majority of 191 nations could be as small a number as 96. Will it include countries like Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Morocco? It will be interesting to monitor this Special Session to see who does and does not participate.

As the article points out, the UN was founded on the principle of "Never Again", meaning never again a disaster the likes of The Holocaust perpetrated on a people by another people. I wonder what the German response will be.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Commenter akaky makes the point that the Germans haven't slaughtered any European Jews in over 60 years, so he/she considers the UN a success, in spite of the odd million or so Cambodians, Tsutsis, etc. slaughtered over the same time period, since no UN mandate apparently existed to stop anything other than Germans slaughtering European Jews. And besides, notes akaky, one can get room service while watching the Germans not slaughtering any European Jews.

Note to akaky: Irritating as hell when one hits the Enter key in mid-comment, no?

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